The atomic number of carbon is 6 what is the mass number of a carbon atom with 5 neutrons

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    Maytag front load washer wonpercent27t startCarbon-14 is an isotope of the element carbon. All carbon atoms have 6 protons in their nucleus. Most carbon atoms also have 6 neutrons, giving them an atomic mass of 12 ( = 6 protons + 6 neutrons). Carbon-14 atoms have two extra neutrons, giving them a total of 8 neutrons. Carbon-14 has an atomic mass of 14 ( = 6 protons + 8 neutrons).
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a)46g of Na atom atomic mass of Na=23u Number of particles=Number of Moles x N ⇒(given weight/ Gram atomic weight) x 6.023 x 10²³ =(46/23)x 6.023 x 10²³ =2x 6.023 x 10²³ ⇒12.046 x 10 ²³Na particles ∴46 g of Na contains 12.044 x 10 ²³ b)8g of O2 moles molecular mass of O2=32u No. Ue4 edge maskAtoms are everything! Tim and Moby introduce you to atoms, which contain all the elements in the universe, and to the concepts of atomic number and atomic mass.

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